Hilla Rebay & The Museum of Non Objective Art: The Origin of the Guggenheim Museum

by Franklin Hill Perrell

Hilla Rebay & the Museum of Non Objective Art: The Origin
of the Guggenheim Museum Exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery

Out of a wealth of excellent exhibitions this month in Chelsea, this portrayal of a crucial episode in the introduction of modernism to America must not be missed. For anyone who cares to gain insight into the art of the 1950’s and the ultimate globalism of artistic endeavor, this is essential fare.

Hilla Rebay, Orange Cross, c. 1947, Oil on canvas, 44 1⁄8 x 37 in. (112.28 x 93.98 cm.) © 2017 The Hilla von Rebay Foundation. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Both Hilla Rebay, artist, curator, collector, and mentor to Solomon Guggenheim, and Guggenheim as a patron, present a fascinating story apart from the art itself. Rebay, born a German baroness, grew up in the atmosphere of a high ranking Prussian military family- under the old German empire- Wilhelmine Germany, comparable in stuffiness to the Victorian era of Britain, as unlikely a setting for the production of great innovative art as would be possible. She was driven to a fiercely independent viewpoint and art career that ultimately led her to NY as an artist in the 1920s, where she met Guggenheim, whose portrait she was commissioned to paint. Precisely what their relationship was, or became, is a source of endless speculation, but the inescapable fact was that he trusted her judgment supremely. Under her tutelage, he assembled the greatest 20th

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Seurat at the Met

By Franklin Hill Perrell

One show in NY not to be missed this season is Seurat. This artist, who died aged thirty one, created only six or seven truly major oils. Each marked a stage of his thinking or explored a different pictorial concept. Sunday Afternoon on the Grand Jatte marked the full fledged introduction of his pointillist style and grappled with a complex composition of urban figures in full sunlight.

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Did you spot the Osgemeos mural in Chelsea?


On one of our recent Artful Circle art gallery visits, we enjoyed saw a unique and colorful exhibition by Osgemeos at the Lehmann Maupin gallery in Chelsea. But, there’s more….This Brazilian artist duo also painted in their signature imaginative style just blocks a way on the building of P.S. 11-The William T. Harris School. The mural features a giant-size character that overlooks the urban playground setting!

The Vegas Art Challenge

by Debbie Wells 

Don’t underestimate the cultural side of Las Vegas. On a recent trip, I challenged myself to find fine art hidden amongst the glitz of the strip. This is what I found…

1-Take a tour of the Neon Boneyard where old signs from Las Vegas history come to rest and be restored in a junk-yard environment begging to be explored.

2-Look up at the ceiling to see the dazzling glass sculpture installation by Dale Chilhuly in the Bellagio lobby.

3-Stroll through Caesars to the Martin Lawrence Gallery with works by Andy Warhol, Vik Muniz, Erte and more..and the largest painting ever created by Salvadore Dali!

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The Gallery at Cadillac House

by Debbie Wells

The Gallery at Cadillac House
330 Hudson Street, NYC
Visonaire Presents ToiletPapers’s Paradis
February 9–April 12, 2017, M-F, 8am-7pm, Sat/Sun, 10am-5pm


It is truly astounding that there are so many hidden cultural gems in New York City to uncover.  Our latest discovery is the gallery at Cadillac House on Hudson Street in SOHO.  Cadillac House has a mission – to provide an exhibition venue where innovation and creativity are celebrated. Although Cadillac has history of over a hundred years as a leader of automotive technology and style, the company also strives beyond their traditional expertise by presenting multiple cultural disciplines through their own eyes. The result is inspirational as they successfully curate their space providing a cutting-edge aesthetic perspective.

Cadillac House is open to the public and functions simultaneously as an art gallery, retail space, coffee bar, lounge area and an exhibition area for their flagship vehicles. Many of New York’s finest companies are collaborators with Cadillac House, including Joe Coffee, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Visionaire magazine. This season, Cadillac House and Visionaire installed ToiletPaper Paradis, a non-traditional, interactive exhibition that is beyond wild. Visionaire founders Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos enlisted Italian artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari of the art magazine, ToiletPaper, to create this off-beat installation at Cadillac House after admiring their Maze of Quotes installation at Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

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Art League of Long Island – Library & Lectures


Debbie Wells of Artful Circle and Chair of the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills (www.artleagueli.org) presents a series of art lectures at the Art League of Long Island in support of their new art reference library. The 2016 series, “Dab of Paint” has covered everything from Art History 101 to “How Artists Capture Their Surroundings”, “American Female Artists” and more.

All information in the presentations are drawn from the comprehensive book collection at the Art League and is comprised of nearly two thousand high quality books and counting – mostly obtained from a generous donation from the late Lorraine Graves Grace. Read more about the library and its fundraising mural at this link: http://artleagueli.net/files/Northport_Observer_Library_article_c.pdf

One of Artful Circle and Art League of Long Island members, Karen Kirshner, wrote about us on her blog. See below for the link.



Next “Dab of Paint” lectures at the Art League of Long Island
Free Admission!

Monday, Oct 24 – come either at 11am or 7pm – “Artist Couples”

Monday, Nov. 21 – come either at 11am or 7pm – “Understanding Appropriation Art”

Hunt Slonem: Obsessed with Rabbits

Feast for the Eyes: Art Inspired by Food and Dining
Nassau County Museum of Art
Through November 4, 2016

Set within vast collectibles from Victorian porcelains to American Gothic furniture, his works are truly a “feast for the eyes.” Slonem is featured in the exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art through November 4th.

Born in the Year of the Rabimg_1988bit, New York City based artist and lifestyle trendsetter Hunt Slonem has an unusual daily routine. He paints rabbits on wood or Masonite for a half-hour after his morning cup of coffee. Once ‘warmed-up,’ Slonem is a creative force of nature.

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Andy Warhol and Soup

Feast for the Eyes: Art Inspired by Food and Dining
Nassau County Museum of Art
Through November 6, 2016

By Franklin Hill Perrell, Artful Circle

Andy Warhol’s most acclaimed and iconic image is the Campbell Soup can, an image which has become virtually synonymous with his artistic identity. First hand drawn, and later captured in silhouette through silkscreen stencils, he has revisited it throughout his career. The earliest versions date from 1962 and they defined the style of the Pop Art movement: flat, frontal, boldly colored, and iconic in their familiarity from everyday life. According to Robert Indiana, Warhol painted Campbell soup because he liked the product. The same held true with his subjects like Coca Cola and money. Continue reading Andy Warhol and Soup

Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Breakfast Cereal with a Message

Feast for the Eyes: Art Inspired by Food and Dining
Nassau County Museum of Art
Through November 6, 2016

By Debbie Wells, Artful Circle

dsc_0020Contemporary artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian explores modern America’s obsession with sweet breakfast food in a box. Seemingly wholesome and convenient, sugar cereals have been an important staple in every household for decades. This mixed media installation demonstrates their seductive qualities with colorful and cheerful packaging oozing a glittery white substance throughout, but with a deeper message.

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