Central Park Art Stroll

See Central Park from an art perspective beyond the playgrounds and greenery. Walk with Artful Circle’s Franklin Hill Perrell as he focuses on the well-known statuary throughout the park, as well as its hidden gems.

Learn about the aesthetic goals of its designers, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, as well as the stories behind the many monuments in the park erected in honor of literary and historic icons, such as Hans Christian Anderson, Alice in Wonderland, Balto Read More

Pablo Picasso’s Life

Pablo Picasso: Understanding Relationships in His Life
041  Pablo Picasso pictured with his wife Olga  Expo%20Picasso-Duncan%20La%20Piscine

Artful Circle visited several exhibits this season – one at Gagosian Gallery and two at Pace Gallery – all focusing on work by Picasso. Picasso was a complicated personality and his work reflected his perspective on the many relationships in his life. Many of his loves served as muses for his art and his styles changed as often as his feelings. This list below includes his two wives, his many children, romances and more.  Read More

Museum Blockbuster: Cubism at the Met


The Leonard A. Lauder Collection: Cubism
by Franklin Hill Perrell and Debbie Wells

Cubism is the most important art movement of the 20th century, a game changer. It replaced the renaissance premise of art as a window on the world, which relied on one-point perspective to create spatial illusion. Cubism featured a roving vantage point where objects were viewed from an array of angles. It resulted in increasing pictorial flatness. Space became shallow. Objects, depicted or features of their parts, seemed to be arranged within an implied grid matrix. The first generation cubists learned directly from Cezanne from whom they recognized that the building blocks of pictorial design were geometric solids like the cube, cylinder, or pyramid.  Read More

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