Pablo Picasso’s Life

Pablo Picasso: Understanding Relationships in His Life
041  Pablo Picasso pictured with his wife Olga  Expo%20Picasso-Duncan%20La%20Piscine

Artful Circle visited several exhibits this season – one at Gagosian Gallery and two at Pace Gallery – all focusing on work by Picasso. Picasso was a complicated personality and his work reflected his perspective on the many relationships in his life. Many of his loves served as muses for his art and his styles changed as often as his feelings. This list below includes his two wives, his many children, romances and more. 

  • Fernande Olivier – Mistress
  • Eva Gouel (Marcelle Humbert) – Mistress
  • Gertrude Stein – Art Patron
  • Olga Kokhlova – First Wife
    Paulo, son of Olga and Picasso
    Pablito, Marina, Bernard – Children of Paulo
  • Sarah Murphy – Muse, Model
  • Marie Therese Walter – Mistress
    Maya, Daughter of Marie Therese and Picasso
    Olivier, Richard, Diana – Children of Maya
  • Dora Maar – Mistress
  • Lee Miller – Muse, Model
  • Frances Gilot – Mistress
    Claude, Son of Frances and Picasso
    Paloma, Daughter of Frances and Picasso
    Jasmin, Daughter of Claude
  • Jacqueline Roque – Second Wife
    Katherine Hutin-Blay, Daughter of Jacqueline and
    Step-daughter of Picasso

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