Artful Observations of the Armory Show & Quiz by Debbie Wells

Armory Show at Pier 94, NYC – March 5-8, 2015

When one attends the annual Armory Show, it is easy to expect to be overwhelmed. One of the most celebrated international contemporary and modern art fairs, this show is always a whirlwind of color, media, canvases, photography, sculptures and more.

Strolling through the aisles, I tried to make sense of all I encountered. I summoned all my knowledge and experience as an artist and designer to observe with an educated eye and form my own critiques. This was the perfect opportunity to interact with the gallery representatives by asking questions and collect a bag full of promotional literature to study later.

Walking past hundreds of venues under one roof reminded me of an all-encompassing version of our Artful Circle gallery tour sessions. My Artful Circle co-founder, Franklin Hill Perrell, renowned museum curator and art historian, creates outstanding itineraries for our groups based on careful research of the current art gallery exhibitions every season. His selections proved to be prophetic because there were so many times I said to myself, “I recognize the work of that artist! I’ve been to that art gallery!” Realizing that I was familiar with so much of the art I saw at the Armory helped me appreciate all I have learned through Artful Circle. How enlightened I felt – and I am sure my fellow Artful Circle friends would agree!

I invite those who have attended our Artful Circle tours to test themselves by looking at my snapshots to see if they can identify the artists who created these eight works of art. Not only have we seen examples of their work first-hand in the hottest art districts such as Chelsea, 57th Street, Madison Avenue, the Hamptons and beyond, we have often even met the artists and gallery owners for looks behind the scenes. This made the visit to the Armory all the more satisfying.


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IMG_0161    # 5

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  1. Alex Katz Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Armory Show 2015
  2. Odili Donald Odita Jack Shaiman Gallery, Armory Show 2015
  3. Vic Muniz Galeria Nara Roesler, Armory Show 2015
  4. François-Xavier Lalanne Ben Brown Fine Arts, Armory Show 2015
  5. Willam Kentridge Lia Rumma, Armory Show 2015
  6. Nick Cave Jack Shaiman Gallery, Armory Show 2015
  7. Jocelyn Hobbie Fredericks & Freiser, Armory Show 2015
  8. Derrick Adams Tilton Gallery, Armory Show 2015

Headline Photo: Visiting the Pace Prints Booth at the Armory Show. Photo Credits: Debbie Wells

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