Art Gallery Etiquette Guide by Artful Circle

Always ask the gallery receptionist or security guard if photography is permitted in the gallery with your camera, video or phone camera. Often the use of the flash is prohibited.

Respect boundaries. Make note of roped off areas or lines on the floor that instruct viewers to keep a healthy distance from the artwork. Also be aware of free standing sculptures, pedestals, stairs, wires , etc. so you don’t knock in anything.

Be prepared to check your bags, backpack, umbrellas, etc. if asked upon entering a gallery.

Use your “inside voice” – no cell phones, loud talking, etc.

If you want to know the asking prices, request to see their price list, usually placed in a binder on the reception desk. If interested in purchasing, ask to speak to the gallery owner.

Take a press release or a promotional postcard to learn more about the exhibit and as a memento of your visit.

If there is a guest book, sign your name. Many artists read the comments in the book and appreciate the feedback. Also include your email address if you would like to be on the gallery’s mailing list so you can get announcements on future gallery openings and receptions.

If you need to use the restroom, don’t be surprised if the art galleries are not always accommodating. Your best bet is to ask the receptionist for a restroom key or walk into a nearby hotel.

Enjoy the area! There are restaurants, tourist sites, shopping and more wherever there are art galleries.

Come with Artful Circle and gain insight from our guided talks, meet gallery staff and artists while enjoying the art. We carefully research to create itineraries that allow you to visit the finest galleries with the most exciting art currently on view!

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