Five Facts about Peter Max – He’s Groovy!

by Debbie Wells

Internationally acclaimed American pop artist Peter Max, now 77, known for his iconic images that epitomize the culture of the 60’s, 70’s and even today. His colorful paintings and graphic style captured the essence of the times, but are timeless in its appeal. To fully understand his art, learning about the man himself is paramount. Here are five facts about Peter Max that you may not know.
max kid
1. In 1938, Max’s parents fled Berlin his place of birth, to escape the Nazis and relocated to Shanghai, China where they lived in a Jewish community until 1948.

max space
2. He studied astronomy in Israel.

max time mag
3. Ever the artist-businessman, Max was featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1969: “Peter Max-Portrait of the Artist as a Very Rich Man”

max liberty
4. Max was very involved in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1976.

max ship
5. Far beyond the canvas, even cruise ships have donned a Peter Max design!

If you are interested in learning more Peter Max, Artful Circle’s Debbie Wells has created an educational and entertaining lecture presentation about his life and work. For more information, visit and look in the Lectures section of the website.



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