Artful Connection: Larry Rivers and Uncle Herb

 larry rivers and uncle herb (susan merson)larry rivers and uncle herb (susan merson) bronx
Renowned artist Larry Rivers was born Yitzroch (Irving) Grossberg in the Bronx. He grew up on Mace Avenue. Before he studied at NYU and Julliard, he was in a band as a teenager. This photo was submitted by Artful Circle member Susan Merson, whose Uncle Herb Genis (on right, with Rivers) was in the band with Rivers when they were about 16 years old. What a wonderful artful connection!

About Larry Rivers (American, 1923–2002), painter and sculptor, is best known for his figurative paintings, which combine a loose, luminous formal style with iconic works from art history, commercial culture, and everyday life. He studied with Hans Hofmann in the late 1940s and, though he was influenced early on by Abstract Expressionist artists, chose to apply his skill in draftsmanship to works depicting naturalistic subject matter with loose, flowing brushstrokes. Rivers’ work prefigured many of the concepts pursued by 1960s Pop artists; he incorporated items from mass media and commercial culture into his works, as well as unusual materials and found objects. Beginning in the 1970s, Rivers used airbrushing, stenciling, printmaking, and assemblage in his art. Rivers continued several projects, including works concentrating on fashion, up until his death in 2002. He was 79 years old.

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