Artist Spotlight: Dave Peikon and His Solo Exhibition

“20 Years at the Easel, Adventures in Neuroplasticity”
The Art League of Long Island (107 East Deer Park Road, Dix Hills,
September 17 through October 2, 2016

by Debbie Wells, Artful Circle  

David Peikon is a man who sets a goal for himself and knows how to makes things happen.

He is proud of his achievements in both business and fine art—a rare combination that requires a creative mind along with a steely determination to succeed. Ever since he was young, Peikon dreamed of being a painter, but his family pushed him towards a more stable career choice. Although his parents wanted him to attend law school, he went into business as a salesman in the commercial printing industry in 1981 and rapidly rose in that capacity, eventually becoming a VP of Sales.

Ultimately winning one of the largest printing contracts in the US, a seven year contract with Chase Bank, he realized that he could now have the chance to actively pursue his dream. So, in 1990, he made a calculated plan to pay off all his debt and build a financial position that would allow him to fully concentrate on perfecting his skills as a painter and still support a family. Totally self-taught, Peikon used this time wisely and chose the date of July 3, 1996 (his fifteenth anniversary in business) as his self-imposed deadline to launch the artistic career he envisioned for himself. Even though he was already self motivated, Peikon took no chances: “I told everyone about my plan, so there was no backing out, and proceeded ahead at full speed.”

Fast forward to 2016 – After 20 years as a painter, he continues to tirelessly develop fluency in the language of paint. Peikon considers himself a contemporary realism artist with work covering many genres from plein-air landscapes, portraiture, still life and even trompe l’oeil. While the gallery world tends to force artists into producing in only one style, he insists on capturing whatever inspires him as he moves through his everyday life. In doing so, he has stories of people and places to match every one of his nearly one thousand paintings. A walk through his studio shows a person who is totally engaged with what he is producing and fully understands that he has a responsibility to his clients, as well as to his own aesthetic. David Peikon has been featured in numerous publications, including American Artist Magazine and The New York Times. Peikon is also known for his striking portraits and is honored to include among his patrons: William F. Buckley Jr., Salvatore Ferragamo, philanthropist David H. Koch, Mrs. Mary Phipps, Dr. David Steinberg, President of Long Island University, and Nobel Laureates Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Thomas Cech, Carol Greider, and James D. Watson.

His latest project is an ambitious solo exhibition at the Art League of Long Island’s Jeanie Tengelson Art Gallery, located in Dix Hills, New York. Its modern styled bi-level gallery will feature a wide-ranging show highlighting the evolution of Peikon’s artwork over the last two decades.

This exhibition, entitled “20 Years at the Easel, Adventures in Neuroplasticity” is his seventeenth solo show in twenty years. A member of the Art League’s impressive faculty, he is also a leader in the Long Island art community. To show his support and dedication to the arts, Peikon has generously agreed to donate a significant percentage of his sales to the Art League of Long Island. Corporate sponsors, including Hub International and Chubb Corporation are also major benefactors for this exciting exhibition.

Dave Peikon
The Doctor’s Office, Portrait of James D.Watson, 40 x 34, o/l

Peikon interior
Morning Light, Coe Hall
, 40 x 30 o/l

Peikon painting
Janelia Barns, 24 x 48





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