The Seasons at the Nassau County Museum of Art – Hirschfeld, Glaser and Chast

Al Hirschfeld

Renowned illustrator Al Hirschfeld was an American caricaturist best known for his black and white portraits of celebrities and Broadway stars. Hirschfeld’s style is still acclaimed due to his calligraphic technique, using line to capture an amazingly apt likeness with a few concise strokes.

Hirschfeld’s work is admired by all, especially those in the know, who look for the name of the artist’s daughter, Nina, hidden within almost every illustration. This example shows the NINAs in red. See if you can find hidden NINAs in the art on display.

Did you know…

• Hirschfeld was born in St. Louis, Missouri?

• In 2002, Hirschfeld became the only visual artist to have a Broadway theater named after him? The Al Hirschfeld Theater is located on 302 West 45th Street with a signature image of the artist on the marquee.

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is a true New Yorker. Born in the Bronx, he attended Cooper Union, and founded the graphic design firm, Push Pin Studios in New York with fellow creative professionals, Seymour Chwast, Reynolds Ruffins and Edward Sorel in 1954. He founded his own company, Milton Glaser, Inc., in 1974 and became a leader in the field of typography (letter design). He approached visual communications combining design, type, flat color and contour in a working method similar to poster artists Jules Chéret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Glaser’s famous design, the I Love New York logo, was created pro-bono to promote tourism for New York State and is now one of the most popular symbols in the world. He was one of the original “Ad Men” in NYC’s advertising industry, and was considered so representative of the times, that AMC hired him to design art for their final season of the “Mad Men” television series.

At over 90, Glaser is still getting recognition for his work. His commissions include work for Brooklyn Brewery, Stony Brook University, School of Visual Arts, United Nations, Carnegie Hall, Fairway, and Julliard. From 1968-76, Milton Glaser served as Art Director for New York Magazine and designed many of their illustrations, including the 1967 poster here on display. He also created the magazine’s legendary masthead, still being used today.

Did you know…

  • Glaser boasts solo exhibitions at both the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1977) and the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1975)
  • He drew the I Love New York logo on an envelope with a red crayon while in a taxicab and that sketch is in the Museum of Modern Art’s archives!

Roz Chast

Roz Chast is an American cartoonist and author, best known for her illustrations in the New Yorker. Chast uses her personal experiences as fodder for her subjects –being the only child to Jewish parents in Brooklyn. Her art, and words, deal with their idiosyncrasies and her own responses, and the pervasive neurotic feelings associated modern life. Her illustrations are simply drawn with a scrawly hand in black and white, sometimes with an extra pop of color. The seasoned-themed cartoons in this exhibit (and below) are all hilarious examples of her iconic sense of humor. 

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