The Seasons at the Nassau County Museum of Art – Susan Cushing and Christine D’Addario

Susan Cushing is a true original with a vision all too rarely seen in today’s art: the “good life,” in (most likely) Palm Beach or Southampton, viewed through the lens of her own very special vantage point – a world of elegant cocktail parties by the pool with stylishly dressed people. The girls wear Lily Pulitzer fashions (find two of the dresses on display depicted in her painting) while men may be attired in blue double-breasted jackets, straw boaters, and white or bright pastel hued trousers. Cushing’s painting style may be reminiscent of Alex Katz’s silhouettes in flat colors, but the mood is conveyed with the innocence of Grandma Moses.  

Locust Valley artist Christine D’Addario specializes in seascapes, often with figures. Her passion for the beach is captured through her gentle renditions of her daughters in their Lilly Pulitzer frocks (where the paintings match the dresses on view) and the nostalgic “Woman in the Striped Dress” inspired by vintage Vogue style. In the larger painting, one of the artist’s friends served as muse, a figure who exudes confidence, femininity, and the whimsy of summer.

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